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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Landmark Decision

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION JUDGE LINKS LUNG CANCER TO DIESEL EXHAUST EXPOSURE The Wall Street Journal recently reported a landmark decision in August 2014 by a workers’ compensation judge in New York who found that a bus mechanic’s exposure to diesel exhaust contributed to the development of his lung cancer and resulting death. According to the Journal, the judge’s finding “has rattled…

Featured in Lawyers Weekly

Front cover of Lawyers Weekly Wallace & Graham, P.A. was recently featured, not once but twice (!), on the front cover of Lawyers Weekly for two pending lawsuits where our firm represents the interests of consumers across the United States. Please follow the link, Lawyers Weekly, to learn more. Thank you for continuing to trust Wallace & Graham for your legal needs.  

Congratulations to Wallace & Graham of North Carolina, and to John Hughes

Congratulations to Wallace & Graham of North Carolina, and to John Hughes there who played the lead role in this case and argued it, and won a terrific decision that will benefit a lot of other consumers.  The case involved Fair Credit Reporting Act and other claims against an internet payday lender that is trying to hide behind tribal sovereign immunity.  (Public…