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Monthly Archives: February 2015


FAKE UNSAFE SUPPLEMENTS ARE ON THE MARKET. Quality control should not be a fictional term for major retailers hawing the equivalent of snake oil. Supplements must be as promised and advertised for otherwise people’s lives and health are directly at risk. The Attorney General for New York recently announced that he sent letters to four major retailers, GNC, Target, Walmart,…

The Importance Of Selecting An Available Arbitration Forum

The Eleventh Circuit affirmed a Florida district court’s denial of Cashcall’s motion to compel arbitration, as the forum selected in the parties’ loan agreement was not available.  Appellee Abraham Inetianbor initially borrowed $2,600 from Western Sky Financial LLC. He subsequently repaid $3,252.65 to the servicer of the loan, CashCall, over twelve months. Mr. Inetianbor refused to pay a subsequent bill…