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Monthly Archives: August 2015

New Study Shows that Parents’ Habits and Exposures Before Conception May Affect Later Offspring

W&G HEALTH ALERT: It is common knowledge that pregnant women are supposed to avoid use of alcohol and illegal drugs. But did you know that your environmental exposures before even conceiving could also have an effect on your offspring?  Experts in the field recently put their heads together at the fourth annual Conference on Prenatal Programming and Toxicity, and produced…

Hydrogen Sulfide Injuries and Deaths Are A Workplace Concern In The Hog and Poultry Industry

Hydrogen sulfide injuries and deaths are becoming a significant environmental and workplace concern, especially for those employed in the hog and poultry industry.  Within the past month alone there have been at least four deaths due to hydrogen sulfide exposure on hog farms.  For example, on July 2nd, a father and son in Wisconsin were killed on there hog farm…