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Work-Related Injuries

According to an investigation conducted by NPR, cases of Black Lung disease are still occurring in numbers much higher than previously reported.

According to an investigation conducted by NPR, cases of Black Lung disease are still occurring in numbers much higher than previously reported. Black Lung is the name most commonly used when discussing progressive massive fibrosis, a disease most common to coal miners. The disease is a type of pneumoconiosis a disease of the lungs, and it caused by to inhalation…


Free Screening of “From the Ashes,” a documentary about the impact of the coal industry to take place in Durham and Salisbury Thursday, June 15th.


“From the Ashes” a documentary about national the impact of the coal industry is set to air on the National Geographic Channel later this month, but on Thursday, June 15th, the Yadkin Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, and residents from the Salisbury, NC, area will be hosting a free screening of the documentary.


The documentary “From the Ashes,” debuted at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, will be airing on National Geographic Channel on June 25th and is set for global distribution later this year. The film, produced by Michael Bonfiglio of RadicalMedia in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, seeks to provide a realistic, unbiased, clear-eyed examination of the impact of the coal industry, and who, what and how’s of the industry’s impact. The film discusses issues ranging from the economy and the environment to the health and safety of communities and individuals working and living near coal mining and coal-fueled energy production facilities.


A New York Times review of the film finds it provides “a concise overview of the issues,” without placing blame on business executives or politicians, instead, letting those most impacted tell their own stories of how their land, air, water, and lives have been affected by the coal industry. Going on the say that ‘From the Ashes,’ does not need much commentary from corporate or political spokespeople, because the dismay and sorrow of those most impacted speaks for itself through the stories told in the film.


Some of the stories included in the film are those of local residences in Dukeville, North Carolina. The small community of Dukeville, which is not far from the Buck Steam Station, is featured because of the effects of pollutions from the operation of the power station, which led to the state of North Carolina noting residence in April 2015 that the community’s water was not safe to drink. Following the state’s warning, the community worked to hold Duke Energy, the operator of the Buck Steam Station, accountable for the toxic impact of their actions. According to Will Scott, Yadkin Riverkeeper, “Duke has to clean up,” this will include cleaning up coal ash and running a water line to the community to provide them with clean water. Scott called the community’s efforts a “testament to what a small community can do, even against the country’s largest utility, to defend their right to clean water.”


See below for a listing of Free Community Screenings of “From the Ashes.”


Form more information about the documentary, “From the Ashes” visit the film’s website at www.fromtheashesfilm.com


Tune into the National Geographic Channel premiere of “From the Ashes” on June 25th at 9 p.m.






SALISBURY              Thursday, June 15, at 6:30 PM

Location:        Norvell Theatre,

135 E. Fisher St.

Salisbury, NC

No ticket is needed; seating is first come, first served.

Doors open at 6:00 PM.



DURHAM                               June 15 at 7:00 PM

Location:        Levin Jewish Community Center

1937 W Cornwallis Rd,

Durham, NC 27705

For more information call:  (919) 354-4936



A NOTE FROM THE ATTORNEYS AND STAFF OF WALLACE & GRAHAM following the NPR and Democracy Now coverage of the on-going Hog Farm Nuisance Legislation in North Carolina: “As a firm, we are working hard to protect the rights of our clients and the rights of all NC residents. It is in the spirit of protecting the rights of individuals that we choose…

 Democracy NOW! North Carolina Hog Farms Spray Manure Around Black Communities; Residents Fight Back

Amy Goodman of NPR’s Democracy NOW! recently reported on a bill in the North Carolina Legislature aimed at protecting the interest of “Big Business” potentially leaving many North Carolina residents with a STINKY PROBLEM and it is not our waste!

To hear or read the NPR coverage of Hog Farm waste disposal, HB 467 and how many NC communities are washed in hog waste visit www.NPR.org and type Hog Farm Waste in the search bar, or click the links below.

North Carolina Hog Farms Spray Manure Around Black Communities; Residents Fight Back


In North Carolina, Pigs Don’t Fly but Their Feces Do


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