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New Study Shows that Parents’ Habits and Exposures Before Conception May Affect Later Offspring


It is common knowledge that pregnant women are supposed to avoid use of alcohol and illegal drugs. But did you know that your environmental exposures before even conceiving could also have an effect on your offspring?  Experts in the field recently put their heads together at the fourth annual Conference on Prenatal Programming and Toxicity, and produced a report of their findings, just released to the public on August 3, 2015.

The Report revealed that chemical exposures, dietary changes, and psychological stressors can alter your gene expression and cause transgenerational effects to your offspring.   The list of factors that can affect your genes is expanding, and includes:

  •  exposure to Biphenol A (released from over-heated plastic water bottles)
  •  exposure to Phthalates (chemicals used to make plastic or vinyl softer or more flexible)
  •  exposure to Dioxins (found in fatty tissues of meat and dairy products, fish and shellfish)
  •  psychological stressors

As a result of studies like this one and others, environmental health consultants are pushing for a change in the way the United States regulates chemicals.

Whether your motivation is to take care of your own body, or to protect the health and well-being of your future children and/or grandchildren, always be conscious and careful of your exposure to chemicals in the home and workplace.  Work to minimize toxic chemical exposures and stressors in your daily life.